E's World Coffee Saturday Special

Date: April 20. 2019

Time: 9am to 3pm

Where: Sweet Basil Cafe on 1021 West northern lights blvd, Anchorage Alaska

Come meet E, sample some coffee, talk about coffee, see my roasting operation. We will serving coffee along with a special menu from the wonderful Chef's from the restaurant. Please note E will personally be behind the bar serving coffee. Come say hello. 

New Brewers and Grinder  : April 15 2019, we received our decaf grinder and a few more Hario V60 brewers that were ordered for the show. There is still a big discussion about what coffees will be served at the event. My choice is the Three Head Blend, the GUAT organic and the NIC Organic, but its been brought to my attention that this course of action will not go over smoothly with everyone wanting to try the coffee flavors. I will have to brew them all.

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  • Testing…I will be there, hahaha, it’s my event after all..


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