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 E loving his Espresso shot 

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E has been playing with coffee since 1994 as a delivery driver for one of the local coffee companies in Anchorage, Alaska. He started doing repairs and roasting for the same company in 1996 to 2006 when he lost the passion for roasting.

He continued to do repairs for another company until 2008, when he opened E's World Espresso Blends and Repairs. Those were fun times.

The goal then, was to buy coffee from a warehouse distributor, who did a great job roasting and re-blend it for our customers. Well they decided to stop roasting...so we had to get the ball rolling on getting a roaster and coffee to continue getting our customers superb blends for their espresso based drinks.

Enter 2018 we created E's World Coffee. That was an ordeal getting the Roaster installed, however May 2018 we got going with 4 blends and a decaf. We sent our coffees to the Golden Bean North America 2018 Roasting competition.  The evil one got tired of me talking about the roasting competition and attending at next year after we get better established. So off went the coffees to be judged by the worlds best tasters. We were shocked when the results were in, we Beaned for Milk based (#2 GH) and Pour over filter category (#3 GH).

2019 we did it again at the Golden Bean North America Roasting Competition. #0 and #4 Beaned at the competition, (#0 GH) Silvered in Decaffeinated Milk Base and (#4 GH) Bronzed in Pour Over Filter Category.

We love what we do.  Once yo taste our coffee, you will understand why, we say . . . "Love The Love . . .!"  It's pure, simple and true . . .  E.joy!


Digitized version of E by @just_me_11_11 Img courtesy of @Just_Me_11_11

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